Shipping replacement parts is expensive, unreliable, and wasteful.

Send files, not parts. 


Free automated screening of procurement data

 Advanced screening & structuring

Product qualification & business case identification

 Digitization, testing & certification of qualifying products

 Recommendations for distributed manufacturing

On-demand & distributed manufacturing implementation



Ivaldi Group helps heavy industry shift to digital distribution. Working with industry leaders, Ivaldi has helped companies all over the world gain an understanding of their supply chain and build business cases in order to go digital. Whether you are an original equipment manufacturer or end-user, Ivaldi will work with you to build a safe, convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly portal for sending files, not parts.


Digital distribution is the process of sending digital part files to local manufacturers for on-demand production and distribution. Digital distribution bypasses physical distribution limitations such as sourcing disruptions, carry costs, late shipments, minimum quantities, obsolete inventory and environmental contamination by storing parts in a virtual warehouse and only manufacturing parts when and where they are needed through a distributed network of local manufacturers. As production tools such as 3D printing, robotic fabrication and other CNC systems get faster, better and cheaper, an increasing range of parts can be cost-effective to manufacture on-demand. Digital distribution is fundamentally changing supply chain dynamics as user-needs supplant centralized manufacturing limitations as the driving force in the industry.



Is digital distribution really cost-effective?

When helping clients adopt a digital distribution strategy we typically find that some 50% of procurement costs stem from storage and transportation. These costs can be reduced significantly by switching to digital inventory and local manufacturing solutions On-demand production is still more expensive than centralized manufacturing at volume. However, it is not unusual to find total savings greater than actual cost when downtime and other factors are considered. We’ve also seen plenty of cases where entire equipment systems must be replaced due to lack of available parts. Virtually storing 3D files of these unavailable spare parts can result in longer use of equipment.

Is 3D Printing the only solution for digital distribution and distributed manufacturing?

While 3D Printing plays a central role in digital distribution, other manufacturing technologies, such as CNC milling or injection molding are also used. Digital distribution is the term used to describe the storage and distribution of files rather than physical parts. Distributed manufacturing refers to the local manufacturing solutions.

Why should I adopt a digital distribution strategy now?

On-demand manufacturing technologies are getting faster, cheaper and better all the time. We are at a tipping point. Digital distribution is so cost-effective and adaptable that parts stored digitally and produced locally on-demand are more cost effective than traditional manufacturing and inventory systems. If the technology is quickly deployable anywhere in the world, setting up the digital distribution strategy, from qualifying your products for on-demand manufacturing, digitizing these products and adapting your procurement systems for digital distribution, takes time. This is why now is the time to get started.

I don’t have access to complete datasets. Can you still help me?

Absolutely! Although the more data you have, the better, we can get you started even with limited procurement and product data. Ivaldi offers formatting and digitization services to build personalized digital warehouse solutions. We focus on part specifications and optimizations for on-demand manufacturing. 2D drawings are not required.

Most of our spare parts require certification. Can Ivaldi still help?

Yes. Ivaldi is ISO 9001:2015 certified. We work with class and certifying authorities across heavy industry to develop standards. Our team collaborates with key industry partners on cutting-edge part certification protocols by focusing on each part’s digital twin instead of the physical part. Our recommendations utilize the industry guidelines we helped build.

My data is sensitive. Can I trust that it will be safe?

Yes. We make sure that any shared data is saved securely. A strong TLS standard encryption is used to protect all files and documents. The encryption keys used to encrypt data are also encrypted. We do not share data to third parties.

How do I get started?

Glad you're asking! If you are new to digital distribution and never looked into what products of your inventory might make sense for 3D printing and additive manufacturing, we recommend you start with our free procurement data analysis tool. If you've already looked into your data and have a good understanding of how 3D printing can help your business, contact us for a free assessment based on the reality of your business and next steps in the digital distribution strategy implementation.




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