“The bolt doesn’t fit”, “The angle is not right” “The pipe size is wrong”, “The contact point should be wider” “The diameter is too small”... This is only a microscopic sample of the everyday obstacles plumbers, carpenters, machine operators and electricians are faced with on a construction site. Figuring out how to get by with the resources at their disposal has always been part of the craft, but it can be time-consuming without the right tools.

A 2002 UK opencast mining study found that on average 1 hour of excavator downtime cost $60.24 USD in lost output. Downtime at the scale of a construction site has real effects and needs a solution. 


 A localized and on-demand manufacturing solution could benefit construction equipment owner in various ways: 

  • Improved availability of spare parts around the globe without need for local storage

  • Significantly reduced lead times

  • Ability to replace specific components as opposed to the complete system

  • Reduced time and resources used for locating part specifications and vendors

  • Simplified procurement by integrating systems from end-users, OEMs and local fabrication

  • Reduced environmental footprint


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