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Additive Manufacturing Expert, Nora Toure, Joins Ivaldi Group

Updated: Jun 18

By: Joanna Carbajal

We are excited to announce that Nora Toure has joined Ivaldi Group as Vice President of Strategy. She will be focused on business development - value proposition, customer-centric activities, key accounts, key alliances with partners, and implementation of customer needs and perspectives. She will also be responsible for having the overall vision for sales and marketing at Ivaldi Group.

People following the additive manufacturing industry will be well familiar with Nora. She commenced her career at Sculpteo in France in 2010. Three years later, she relocated to San Francisco to open Sculpteo’s first overseas offices. After leading the business development department from the San Francisco office since 2013, Nora acted as General Manager of Sculpteo Inc. until April 2018 in San Leandro, California.

"Nora's addition to the Ivaldi team marks a new chapter for our company as we move out of stealth mode and into deployment. Nora is a strong complement to an already solid team and is already positively contributing to our mission to disrupt the current supply chain by sending files, not parts," says Espen Sivertsen, CEO of Ivaldi Group.

Nora’s achievements are many. In 2014, she founded Women in 3D Printing to feature women leaders in the additive manufacturing industry by sharing their experience online. She co-initiated and co-organizes #3DTalk, an industry-specific and educational event series featuring women in the 3D printing and related industries held in the USA and Europe. She is also Board Advisor for 3D Africa, a non-profit organization combining education, technology, and economic development to transform economically challenged populations into self-sustainable communities. Nora was named among the 50 most influential women in additive manufacturing. She also received the Certificate of Honor in Manufacturing by the City of San Francisco in 2017 for her work in Women in 3D Printing. In 2018, she was awarded Community Advocate of the year by her peers. You can read more about this award here.

“I am excited to join the Ivaldi Group team! After eight years in the 3D printing industry working for a major service bureau, I saw a lot of additive manufacturing applications. Ivaldi’s promise to “send files, not parts” as an in-port advanced manufacturing solution is by far one of the most promising applications I have come across. It addresses the key question of spare parts management in a truly innovative and complete way as Ivaldi is providing solutions going all the way from digital files creation and maintenance (the digital warehouse catalog) to in-port additive manufacturing hubs. The workflow is currently optimized for the maritime industry but is also addressing other manufacturing industries. I am personally looking forward to deepening my additive manufacturing and business development expertise and build the business cases that will shape the future of digital spare parts management with Ivaldi Group," says Nora Toure, VP of Strategy at Ivaldi Group.

About Ivaldi Group:

Ivaldi Group leverages cutting edge additive manufacturing and metal fabrication solutions to provide on-site parts on-demand services for the maritime, construction, and offshore industries. Drawing on a breadth of additive manufacturing industry experience, Ivaldi Group works across a range of stakeholders to digitize product portfolios and improve cost, risk, and delivery for all parties. If you have an idea that you’d like to run by us, feel free to reach out to Nora (nora@ivaldi.io).

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